We'll be starting my rendition of the "real-time" reading of DRACULA one week from today.

The original project began on Typepad in 2005. The LiveJournal community [profile] dracula1897 did their version in 2006. My take on The Blog Stoker's DRACULA Project originated on LiveJournal in 2008, and this year will be taking place on LiveJournal, Twitter, and Dreamwidth.

If you're on Twitter, please add "BlogDracula" to your feeds to get notification when a new entry is up, should you miss it.

There is another DRACULA project being done on Twitter this year by author Michael Gordon, which involves modern "voices" for the main characters. That can be found on Twitter as "RealTimeDracula". Michael's project and mine will complement one another quite well.

Please join us!


Blog Stoker's DRACULA

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